Sunday, August 17, 2008

Unfair fairness

I was walking down one of Bangalore's railway stations with my sister to see her friend off, a night more than 2 years ago. So we were waiting for the train to pull in and idly chatting when we noticed a couple of stray dogs playing about on the platform. Well one of them was playing about while the other was more or less ignoring the playful one, lying on its chest sometimes with its head on its paws with a slightly condescending air. The playful one was running around, poking the other with its nose, biting playfully at a ear and generally making a fool of itself. Kindly note the words that I used at the end. Its probably one of the reasons why one remains single. So my sister's friend asks a question. She somehow seemed to figure that what was going on was the beginning of a puppyful relationship and she wanted to know which my sister thought was the female dog (I will call it doggess to stop people from getting ideas). So my sister without batting an eyelid says the one lying down of course. It was when I heard that that a realization slowly (and I mean slow - its going to take maybe a year more) started dawning. I respect my sister's opinion on most things and so if she says something, I do give it thought. So her effortless divining of the sex of the doggess, implied the unshakeable truth that thats how it goes. For people who got lost around there, I believe we can learn a lot from animals as we are maybe atmost twice removed from them. So its the dog who nibbles, bites, romps around and is all enthusiastic about getting it going while the doggess, well waits. What the doggess waits for is one of the deepest secrets that none have been able to reveal. Its just how it is. I believe its a sadistic trait in doggesses but that would be unfair. It could be that doggesses don't want to be just one more notch. Well anyway, if the dog isn't persistent, and doesn't keep going on blind faith, in his possibly pumped up belief in the awesomness of the doggess, and pauses to consider why the hell he seems to be the only one interested in getting things going, well, he isn't getting any.