Friday, February 10, 2006

College Days - 3 Make love!

12 Feb 2004

Valentines Day – the day Saint Valentine goes around f***ing all the girls he can find. Or so said a crazy friend of mine. Another said it is the day when St. Valentine went about blessing couples who had great sex after. Now that is better :). No, we guys shouldn’t dress up like saints and try to have sex with all the girls we can find or tell a girl that we are blessed and so should have sex. But yes the day is definitely connected with sex. Because without sex, without the physical act of love, there is no true love. You can’t love each other truly without making love, without bonding physically and without shedding all the inhibitions you have. Do all of you in love deny that that’s not what you want? Dig deep. Oh so you are in love. Okay so what’s next if we follow society rules? Marriage. Why do we get married? To have sex! To make babies. To have a family. Take the concept of marriage away. Take away family, society, its codes, its rules. Take away the taboo on sex. Then we will all be like animals. Hey there’s an attractive girl. She finds me attractive too. Then you go hand in hand, find the nearest place that affords privacy and make love. Because that was what we used to do a long time ago. That is the basic law of nature – to reproduce, to survive. Even if thousands of years have passed, its still what we feel deep down inside. So when you fall in love with someone, its just that basic instinct coming to fore. All civilisation has changed is the delay there is in actually having sex. Now before all of you think I am a sex maniac and have fantasies about having sex with the girl I love, its not like that. All of you in love probably wouldn’t have felt the urge to have sex with the one you love, at least you wouldn't think so. But its there. You might have felt it like the need to be close to each other, to hold hands, to be together, to hug each other. I remember telling a friend that I just felt like hugging and that I didn’t feel like having sex. He said, That’s what you think. It will happen. Because its supposed to happen.

ps - For those of you in love who found this a revelation, this does not mean you can have sex on valentines day.

College Days - 2 Study holiday

23 Nov 2003

The alarm went off at 7:15am. I got up and remembered that I was home alone. My parents had gone to attend a marriage and so I had been alone for 3 days now. So I went downstairs and took the garbage from the kitchen. The garbage man came to collect the garbage at 7:30am. And the servant came at almost the same time. So I did what was now almost a routine. Placed the garbage bag outside the front door. Took in the milk in another bag hanging on the door handle and the Mathrubhoomi on the floor. I kept the door unlocked so the servant could get in, put the newspaper on the teapoy and put the milk on the dining table and went back to sleep in the downstairs bedroom. I slept for an hour more. Then when I got up, I could hear the servant washing up the dishes and the washing machine humming. I went into the kitchen and saw that she had already boiled the milk. Great. I made coffee from the decoction my mother had made
before she left. Then I settled down with the coffee and skimmed through the paper in 10mts. No great movies in HBO or star movies that I hadn’t seen. Good lesser the distraction. But I guessed it was going to be a computer monopoly that day. By then it was 9:00. So I went into the kitchen. My mother had made a huge quantity of dosa maavu and had kept it in the fridge. I transferred a small amount into another vessel and kept the dosa chatti on the stove. Usually my mother uses oil, but I found a bottle of ghee and so ghee it was. It was my duty to make breakfast for me and the servant. I made four and then I asked her to make her own :D. In between that I made tea for three. Yeah I drink a lot of tea. The secret of making good tea is a mystery. I can make good tea almost all the time. But I don’t put in an effort to make good tea. It just comes out right. The time you let it boil, the amount of tea powder you put in, the time you wait after you boil it before you add the milk, all plays a part. To accompany the dosas, in place of the usual chutney, I had urukkiya sharkara melted by my mother for I don’t know what. It is a pretty decent combination especially with ghee dosas.
Breakfast done, I remembered that I had to give my bike for its 5th free service. I took it
to kaloor international stadium where the service centre was located. They said I could have it by 3:00. I caught a bus home and walked from the stop. I have been walking lesser and lesser these days what with my father going on tour most of the month and not wanting the bike. I came back home and the servant left. I didn’t know then that the exam had been postponed so I was tensed as I hadn’t studied much. Just 1.5 modules in OOD. Had plans to study that till the 22nd and then start networks. Big plans. Two pages read and I am in front of my computer, a renegade homicide detective in love with a murder suspect. A computer game called Max Payne 2. Beautiful graphics that makes my system upgrade worthwhile and a good story line. There is humour, love, sex, bad language, violence – anything in the latest western flicks. All you gaming shunners out there are missing a lot. That went on till 1:30pm when my stomach started to growl and I was badly in need of a bath too. So I bathed and went into the kitchen for lunch. My poor mother had made food that would last for a few days so that I needn’t waste time making it and thus my studies get affected. There was rice, a moar ozhicha kootan , and the remains of yesterdays beetroot mezhukkupuratti. I thought I will make another mezhukkuporatti of my own. And I chose the best vegetable of them all, be it simplicity in making, or for sheer taste and availability, the universal potato. I kept the rice and kootan in a cooker for heating. The potato mezhukkupuratti is easy to make. Skin the potatos, slice them and keep them in a frying pan with some coconut oil. Add a little manjal podi and mulakupodi and salt, stir it a little over a mild flame and cover the pan. Stir occasionally and 5mts later, voila!, a dish that smells heavenly, looks good and tastes great. After lunch, I had to pick up my bike. Met a guy in cusat who had come there to service his bike. Maybe it’s the exams that makes one do the servicing. Well the guy said s6 results will be out the next day. Woah. I had my doubts like most of us have especially the ones who have had supplees. Well anyway. I wanted it to come so that I could know my s4 supplee result. So I came back home and got back to studying for 15mts. Then it was max payne again. I don’t know what it is that makes me do this. I can only study when there are 5 modules to study and 2 days left and sometimes even 1.
It was quickly dinner time after that. I went out, bought some noodles, some beans and carrots and that was my dinner. Pretty tasty especially with the beans and carrot which I normally skip. Then I sat down to see the 9:00 movie only to be disappointed by the bloody power cut at 9:45. Odd timing I tell you. I went up to the terrace which is my usual haunt during power cuts. And thought about the only problem that remained after I got the job. A solutionless 2 year problem. When the current came back, I finished seeing the rest of the movie, checked my mail, put the milk bag with the number 1 written on it to indicate the number of packets, locked the doors, tied up my mosquito net, set the alarm to 7:00 am and slept a dreamless sleep till next day 7:30am.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

College Days - 1 Love kill

18 Dec 2002

Its the middle of the night. He can't sleep. He tosses and turns in his bed, thinking about her. Fnally he can't bear it anymore. He has to see her. So he gets up, quietly sneaks out of the building and pushes his scooter out, starts it and leaves. The skies are clear and the moonlight breathtaking. He hasn't been out in the middle of the night in a long time. He hears distant thunder. It is a long way and its cold, but it doesn't bother him. The street lights are bright and the midnight trucks keep him company. He sees a police jeep. The policeman behind the wheel looks at him suspiciously but he's too lazy. Finally he takes the side road that leads to her. It is dark with intermittent stretches of the road lit by dim lamps. But the moonlight guides him. Nothing stirs and the noise of his scooter is loud. Then he sees it. The church. He stops 50 meters away and kills the engine and starts walking. The gate is locked. He looks around and jumps over the wall into the compound. He walks around as if in a daze. Looking through each
window he sees. The moon is still bright but the rumble of thunder is close. And the skies are darkening quick. Then he sees her. She is asleep. He stares at her. She is lying on her side with an arm under her head and her hair loose with a few strands over her face. He is entranced. She is wearing pajamas which makes her look very vulnerable. In his dream she opens her eyes and sees him. Her eyes widen in surprise and then anxiousness. She gets up and moves to the window. He is frozen. She clasps the bars of the window and they stare at each other. Then he moves toward her close to the window. He looks at her hand and places his over it. Then he moves his hand between the bars and touches her face. They look at each other for a long time. Then she takes both his hands in her and puts it around her and they hug each other with the bars between them. Then suddenly his dream ends. Its raining. And he is soaked. She is
sleeping peacefully. He looks at her for a long time. He walks away. He runs. He wants to get away, as far away as possible. He jumps on to his scooter and drives away fast. He is in anguish cursing himself for coming and drives faster. Tears spring to his eyes and mix with the rain. And feeling anger towards himself, he drives faster. The road is slick with the rain and the moon is buried in the black clouds. He doesn't see the pothole, loses control, gets thrown of the scooter into the mud and the silly fool dies.